Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reported stolen: the Baby Jesus

I had to share this blog submission from Sam Pfeifle at Security Dealer News and how one security company is providing free GPS tracking or the use of security cameras to protect the theft of the Baby Jesus from Nativity settings throughout the U.S. As well, many Jewish synagogues are also using either the GPS device or camera to monitor their menorahs.

Noted Rabbi Yochonon Goldman of Lubavitch of Center City in an article in the Associated Press: "People are very security conscious, and this is simply a precaution. It's sad ... but it's the reality we're faced with."

As a marketing and public relations guy, I have to admire the work of  New York based Brickhouse Security for providing this public service to local churches.  I am sure that by their simple community service gift, they're adding new customers.

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