Thursday, June 25, 2009

With a large influx of federal stimulus funding, it's time to capitalize on retraining opportunities

With a projected $5 billion in stimulus funding, how can the growing number of unemployed Texas workers capitalize on the training needed to help them find a job? According to published resources, the funding will focus on new technologies, infrastructure projects and health care.
A search on the topic "Texas job training" provided two interesting hits from the Dallas Morning Newsand Killeen Daily Herald. Yet, the question arises about where is the rest of the publicity on how someone could qualify for a possible retraining program?
Like some VA benefits for disabled veterans, the programs are well established and in place. Yet like the VA, the state job training organizations don't capitalize on providing information to local media channels in an attempt to help people understand the processes needed to fund training at a place like Rizer School of Technology's new pharmaceutical training program.
If you are looking for retraining options, here's a link for every state thanks to the bloggers at Training and Development. Yet, it's only a starting point.
I would encourage those who go back to school to find a "job champion" at their new school or in the industry to help them understand how they can fast track their job aspirations. Joshua Shipsey, the chief executive officer at, said it's important for those changing careers to find their own career advisors. It's not enough, he notes, to get the training without looking at ways to capitalize on a job that can provide opportunities for expansion and growth.
As someone who faced the lack of employment, I can empathize with those who are facing a significant loss of income. Yet, retraining gave me the tools to pull it together. Through the VA Disability program, I found the funding to complete a degree in marketing at UTSA. Before graduating, I knew of two to three job champions who could help me become a full-time publicist. In time, I have helped others begin their start in publicity and marketing positions.
I admit that it will take some time to find the right program, but the rewards are well worth the effort.

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