Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why Garry Trudeau should add a second avatar to Twitter

With a comic strip, the research needed for it and other obligations, how does Garry Trudeau handle all of the tweets for Roland Hedley?
As someone who follows Roland, I admire Trudeau's ability to convey his dry wit. More importantly, I respect his coverage of the wounded warriors.
I am hoping that Trudeau and his staff will add the young soldier with the traumatic brain disorder syndrome as a second Twitter "persona."
America needs to remember the contribution of these wounded soldiers and the battles they face in dealing with the Veterans Administration. Trudeau does an excellent job of showing their struggles in his Doonesbury comic strip and his Sand Box blog, but surely he could add this communication channel to help more people understand the ongoing suffering that our military endure after service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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