Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Texas ready for the fallout from other state's economic woes?

Is Texas primed for growth and expansion? After reading Richard Fisher's comments in Thursday's Dallas Morning News, I think my adopted state has the potential to expand businesses.
"Texas is one of the few big states not flat on its back from the recession. Using its greener pastures as a selling point, the state should "go out and steal everything we can from the rest of the country," said Fisher, the president of the Dallas Fed said.
I agree with Fisher that our elected leaders should do everything they can to bring the intellectual talent and business to the Lone Star State.
However, I would also be selective in what kind of businesses I want to attract. If you want economic incentives for a business that has low payng jobs, I would pass on helping them.
And, for those businesses that want to come to Texas, I would avoid showing them around the state, especially in the month of August. As an adopted Texican, I learned quickly that the devil liked to play golf here from July to August with 100-degree temps and the high humidity.
While the state has a lot going for it, the weather in the summer can turn into a real detractor.

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