Wednesday, June 24, 2009

FTC has better things to do than crack down on blogger endorsement

After reading the article about the Federal Trade Commission's to monitor and crack down on endorsements on blogs, I was truly amazed. Sitting there over a breakfast with my daughter, Kate, before we headed back to San Antone, I was truly amazed that someone in the "gov" thought those of us who read blogs couldn't figure out that an endorsement was a little suspect.

Maybe, it's the lack of critical thinking in today's English curriculum. Back in the day, my English teachers like Sister Mary Regina, told me that the only non-biased publication was Consumers Report. And, as someone who works in social media, I hope that those who are reading my blogs were smart enough to realize that I don't have the research attributes of Consumer's Report.

If we can turn back the clock to the golden days of English education, we could convince the "gov" that they don't need to to monitor blogs for illegal endorsements. We American consumers should be smart enough to realize that there is a little bias in all forms of reporting.

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