Friday, March 28, 2008

The real "Matt" Genovese

I went to Austin to the Door64 Happy Hour. Except for having my car towed by the Austin Police Department because I had parked in a valet parking zone even though it was a metered zone, it was a great event, and I met some interesting folks. I also helped two of my San Antonio clients hook up with Austin leaders on several of their projects.

However, the funniest thing about this event was having a lot of people confuse me with Matt Genovese, the founder of Door64. In one of the rare times that I was wearing "Hi, My name is Matt," stickers, I had two or three people come up and tell me they wanted to meet me. When they saw the Matt moniker on my jacket, they assume I was the guy who confirmed their reservation at "matt (at) door64 (dot)com.)

As one guy said: "I come to this for the social networking. I spend my entire day coding, and this is a great chance to meet people." As well, there were a few people looking for a new job or a new direction for their careers. Again, Door64 has helped them find a connection or a starting point.

For those who went to the Door64 event, here's a picture of me and the real "Matt Genovese." I am wearing the sports jacket, which is not your classic Austin technology look. (Next time, I'll wear that classic Alan Weinkrantz look -- jeans and a T-shirt.)

As well, Matt Genevese is part of the Texas "Brother Matt" tribe, a group of technical entrepreneurs and go getters who have the given name of Matt. The "Brother Matt" joke has been a joke between Matt Reedy, Armida Technologies, and myself as a takeoff from the Bob Newhart show where the character Larry had the two brothers, Daryl and my other brother Daryl.

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Matt G said...

So wait, am I the one on the left, or the right???

:) Great to see you again, Brother Matt.