Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting to get my HARO T-shirt

It's been about about two months since I learn of Peter Shankman's Help A Reporter Out program, and it's been a great success for my practice. It's a very simple, but successful program. Three times a day during the business week, Peter sends out media queries from media types to 20,000 users, and I read through them. A lot of them don't fit the scope of my client's expertise, but that's all right. The small percentage that did have made a difference for them.

Yesterday, I emailed Peter to get one of his new black HARO t-shirts, and he replied he would give me one if I wore it at a PR News program and got a picture of it under a Business Wire banner.

It seems that the folks at PR News Wire are not happy with Peter's efforts, as it completes directly with their Profnet program. I have used ProfNet before when writing an article or two for clients, but it's taken four or five days to get a response from the experts. From talking to some of the media who use Peter's program, they get 15 to 20 positive responses within four to eight hours.

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Peter said...

Actually, you're confusing companies. Profnet is run by PR Newswire. Business Wire has Expert Source. I like the guys at Business Wire. They're quite nice. :)