Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lack of media training made me want to turn off listening to the St. Louis Cardinals

So, I am driving back from Beaumont, TX., to drop off my son, Peter, for his second year of college at Lamar University Sunday when I dial in the St. Louis Cardinals on XM Radio. As is often the case, the Cardinals bring in guests for their fourth inning as a form of public service.

Most of these guests were well prepared, and they had something of value to say during their one-inning interview. However, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder wanted me to change the channel or flip on one of my Jimmy Buffet CDs.

It's rare that a politician gets on the air to discuss a program or initiative and not talk in 30-word or more sentences. However, Kinder sounded like Ron Santo with a lot of "yeps" and "That's right" without really adding anything to the conversation.

Here's hoping that Mr. Kinder consider the use of a good media trainer to help him improve his on-air interviews. Or, he should get someone from the Missouri Tourism communications department to replace him if he's not that comfortable with doing a radio interview. Truthfully, with a little prep work, I believe anyone can handle a conversation with John Rooney, especially when the announcer is given the questions by Kinder's handlers.

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