Thursday, June 5, 2008

Flying United a day after they announce a major layoff

I am in Denver, working on behalf of HBMG Inc, and their work in construction security. Using Expedia, I flew U.S. Air to Denver, and now I am taking a return flight from United. Talk about a difference in airlines. The folks at U.S. Air were friendly and helpful. Meanwhile, United had about 10 people working at their HUB at Denver International. Getting any assistance with a bag or someone who wanted to give you info was definitely out of the question. I can't blame them in the wake of their recent announcement of another layoff.

I can only see a future of hassles flying on some airlines, with the exception of Southwest. Somehow, the peanut folks are still thriving, perhaps because they bought a lot of fuel futures. As San Antonio, my adopted home, was one of the original portals for Southwest, I have a lot of travel options with them.

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