Friday, May 30, 2008

Larry the Cable Guy and Hubspot

David Meerman Scott, one of the leading advocates of simplicity in language and writing press releases, recently blogged about a new product, hubspot. Like all curious types, I submitted a news release and got some interesting results.

However, the news release was an announcement for a meeting. It was all of 64 words, and the hubspot software noted that it wasn't long enough. Having written a few news releases, I know that the release was right for those who put out business calendars and other community forums.

I am hoping that the folks at Hubspot will synthensize a "Larry the Cable Guy" feature into their software. When I write things for publication, I try to envision Larry as I write them. If a news release passes the "Larry" simplicity test, then it's a workable release.

Or, as Larry would say if I did use long words and trite phrases found in some news releases: "That just ain't right!"

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