Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why are we building this d@!n wall!

I have worked with a lot of celebrities, but I have never met a more improessive man than Vicente Fox, the guest speaker for the Hispanic Media Awards in San Antonio. My colleague, Chris Day, asked me to help arrange the media opportunities for the media. Instead of the traditional 30 minute press conference, we allocated six minute interview slots with President Fox. Like all media, the selected media pushed the envelope in trying to get more time, but for the most part, they were pretty good.

However, the message of President Fox was pretty impressive. Here is a man whose grandfather immigrated from Cincinnatti after his great grandparents immigrated from Germany. Fox told the media about his grandfather how his penniless ancestor made a life for himself in Mexico. Today, we Americans rely on hard working Mexicans for our trades and other services. Yet, how can we build a wall to keep those hard working people out of our country. As someone who had his relativ es immigrate to America, I couldn't agree more.

To my friend, Chris Day, it was a honor to work with you on this.................

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