Thursday, May 24, 2007

Track 49, can you give me a shine or my trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee

Just got back from a short two-day roadie to Chattanooga on behalf of MDI and LearnSafe. I was there to get pictures and facts for an article for Security Magazine. Gotta say that I enjoyed the lack of traffic congestion in Chattanooga as compared to San Antonio. From my short visit to the Volunteer State, I have to be honest about a couple of things:

1) I used to think the truck drivers in Texas were bad, but there nothing quite as challenging as those hillbilly drivers heading downhill from Lookout Mountain;
2) Tennesseans are true Southerners. We Texicans think we're from the south, but we don't fry all of our food;
3) The folks in Chattanooga are still proud of that old Glenn Miller song, and I wish I had the time to visit the local train depot. Perhaps, the next time I'm in town I can do that......

I gotta put together the article with the pictures for the folks at Security Magazine in the next couple of days as well as deal with Peter, my oldest son, and his graduation from Morton Ranch or as Pete calls it "Moron Ranch" on Sunday.

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