Saturday, March 31, 2007

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas (Not)

Just got back from "Lost Wages" aka Las Vegas for the ISC West trade show. On the business side, it was a great trip as both my clients -- MDI Security and Armida Technologies -- got excellent opportunities to talk to the editors of the leading trade publications. As well, I got a chance to talk to some new international magazines specializing in the security sector.

My biggest highlight of the trade sow was seeing the Doobie Brothers perform Wednesday night at the Pelco 20th birthday party. Sloan Foster, the chief marketing officer, Armida, scored some tickets to the event. Seeing that show was like going into Marty McFly's Delorean and going back in time. However, while leads Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons have gotten a little older, the show was very tight.

Seeing the Doobies was the personal highlight of the trip. However, the stay at Circus Circus was a little disappointing. Yes, I knew I was staying in a moderately price hotel when I booked it, but not having your room cleaned in two days was disappointing. When I spoke to their managemet, their cleaning staff said I told them that I didn't want service. Kindof hard as I was out of the room for the most part of the trip. Overall, if you are looking for a roof over your head and you don't mind lots of children, the hotel is not that bad, but understand too that you are going to a hotel with a "terrible" service mentality.

On another note, the hotel and most of the Strip also could improve the availability of wireless access. After three or four times trying to access my usually reliable Sprint card, I gave up on the email. If you are a friend/client/associate, please know that I am working through the weekend to get back to you.

P.S. I think the folks at the Ever Ready Battery have the wrong person to represent their product. Instead of their well known bunny, they should replace him with my client/friend and buddy Sloan Foster (see pix above.)

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