Friday, March 2, 2007

MDI gets major press after winning $25.3 million contract

I was busy yesterday helping MDI Security Systems get the word out about their 25.3 million deal for educational security products. I know that both the Express News and San Antonio Business Journal ran stories on this major deal with Stratis.

Bill Zalud, editor of Security Magazine, and a guy that I owe a cerveza or two.....

I also worked with the security trade publications working with editors like Bill Zalud at Security Magazine and with Ralph Jensen at Security Products Magazine to get the story into their online web sites.
Ralph Jensen, editor of Security Products Magazine, and a fellow DINFOS trained killer

Ralph is another DINFOS "trained killer," a graduate of the famed Defense Informtion School that was originally based in Indianapolis but has now moved to Fort Meade, Maryland. By the way, two former vice presidents -- Al Gore and Dan Quayle -- both are fellow graduates along with regular working stiffs like myself and Ralph.
Like me, Dan Quayle is a proud graduate of the Defense Information School along with Al Gore and Pat Sajak of "Wheel of Fortune" fame.

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