Saturday, March 31, 2007

Longhorn gets fantastic review in Express News

While I was in Vegas, Paul Weir, my racquetball buddy and client, called to say he got a great review from John Griffin, the editor of the Express News, in Wednesdays San Antonio Express News. Now that I am back in SA and able to look at the web again (see my previous post), I was able to read John's nice review on the Longhorn:

A toasted bun that's hot to the touch. A mountain of shredded lettuce with a few pickle chips and thin slivers of tomato. Slices of crisp bacon. A dollop of mayonnaise and a smear of mustard. Oh, yeah, and a big old patty of ground beef that's dripping with juicy flavor.

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, then you know the reason why so many people keep returning to Longhorn Café.

The people in the kitchen know what makes their 'Big Juicy' work.

Sure, there are variations on the ingredients listed above: slices of cheese, jalapeños, mushrooms, refrieds and guacamole. And Longhorn makes sure each ingredient is as good as possible, which goes a long way toward explaining why you can find lines at any of its four locations in San Antonio.

John had done a previous review of the Longhorn that wasn't too flattering about three years ago. With a little work on my part, Paul was able to change his perspective on the changes he made to the restaurant.

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