Sunday, February 8, 2009

Saluting an unsung hero after this weekend's ACTS retreat

There's a "river rule" involving all ACTS retreats that states what happens during this three-day event is not disclosed. However, I have to share the story of one of my fellow team members, Ovidio. After the last retreat was over, Ovidio went the extra mile by becoming a mentor of one of our former retreat participants from the Texas Youth Commission Ayers House. For personal protection reasons, let's call him Antonio.

Every Sunday, Ovidio went to church with Antonio. After he graduated from the program, Ovidio stayed in touch and he helped Antonio with readjusting to work and to his family. When the Ministry of the Third Cross formed its new team, Ovidio recruited him to serve on team.

The fact that Antonio was on the team made this last retreat more successful, because the 13 participants could see that if he could change, so could they as well.

Ovidio is busy with a career, a family and other concerns. Yet, he found time to spend at least an hour or two every week to drive Antonio to his weekly Catholic services. To me, he's one of those unsung heroes who is doing something to make it better for someone in need.

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