Friday, February 20, 2009

Hoping that San Antonio police catch the crook who stole $250 from two girl scouts

Even when you're trying to lose pounds, there's always room for a Girl Scout cookie (or two or three).  So, when I saw on my local news that a man robbed two Girl Scouts of $250 in sales, I was pretty disgusted.  However, there's hope.  The Walgreens  Drug Store has a surveillance camera of the robber, and you can bet that with the local news help that San Antonio will be calling in with tips on how police can catch this miscreant.

This theft is a sad commentary of our times.    Here, we have two third graders who are trying to learn about the world of business and fund raising.   Instead of relying on sales for their family of friends, they took the effort to try to sell their cookies in front of a public place.

Knowing San Antonio as I do, I bet there are some business leaders who are quietly contacting the Girl Scouts to make up the loss of the money.  Yet, the tragedy is that someone was desperate enough to want to take money from two eight-year-olds.  

It's bad enough that Girl Scouts can sell cookies door to door like they did when I was a kid.   However, if you see one of these young merchants selling their wares, drop off an extra five or ten spot to tell them that you appreciate their willingness to learn how to become a sales person.

Despite what some people believe, everyone is sales professional.  The Girl Scouts has always done a good job of teaching their members how to sell successfully. 

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