Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Belated birthday Abe

With the San Antonio Innotech Beta Summit underway, I didn't have time to wish Abraham Lincoln a happy birthday in this blog. Yes, I am a day late and a dollar short, but as a child who lived in the "Land of Lincoln," I have always understood his legacy and his humility.

Midwestern folks like me are humble folks. Our teachers reminded of Lincoln and his great capability to overachieve every February on his birthday. Of course, we always had his day off from school.

Here's what Americans can learn from Abe.

First, when life gives you an obstacle, you can overcome it.

Second, embrace your enemies. In my senior year at Stephen Decatur High School (home of the Running Reds), I once submitted an essay on how Lincoln would have rapidly restored America's regrowth after the Civil War had he not been killed. Sadly, another person in my class won the award for perhaps talking about his humble roots and his willingness to learn. The high school English teacher who monitored the contest that awarded a $50 bond upon graduation said that the little old ladies who chaired the contest wanted less about "what if" instead of what he did.

Oh well.

In these troubled times, the life story of people like Lincoln should resonate that when trouble comes that those who face up to it will always persevere.  Just as importantly, the willingness to forgive someone is also just as important.

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