Monday, April 9, 2007

SATAI -- after action report

As the publicist for the SATAI awards banquet, I had to keep an embargo on a lot of my work especially the names of the honorees. In short, I couldn't even mention what I was doing in this blog. Now that the event is over, I want to reflect on my work in the PR and the video I help create.

PR: When you can get the Express News and the San Antonio Business Journal to work together, that's pretty impressive especially for an awards banquet. Kudos to both Catherine Dominguez and Susan Sapporito for their work at the Business Journal and to Laura Lorek at the Express News for her great article on David Spencer, the 2007 SATAI Tech Hero of the Year. I also got great coverage from WOAI and KTSA. And, I have the chance to work with Randy Beamer on more and more technology stuff.

Video: The audience seem to love the John Dickson tribute video that my team put together. I had to miss Florida winning their second national title, but it was worth it to hear the response from the folks who saw the video. Kudos to David "Maxx" Villarreal for his sharp shooting and editing work.

I'm glad that the SATAI banquet is over, but I hope that I will continue to work with them to promote technology in my adopted hometown of San Antonio.

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