Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Major conference wants you to audition before speaking

As anyone who has tried to book clients as speakers know, it's important to put the right person in front of the right group. When I read David Meerman Scott's blog today, I had to laugh that the Software 2007 conference is hosting a short audition via Utube to pick the best speakers.

Here's hoping more banquet planners, symposium gurus and others in the world of public speaking take the time to ask for a short video of the speaker. I know that when I attended the SATAI banquet as their event PR guy, I was not too impressed with the ATT technology VP who spoke on the benefits of Uverse. It made me want to stay with Time Warner Cable even more.

Note: Anyone who wants to get a great video that will impress the nomination committee should call Martha Trevino, my counterpart and marketing diva, at BroadRamp.

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