Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Legal client wins $250K case

My clients, Marc Gravely and Matthew Pearson, helped one of their clients win a $250,000 judgement for a sexual discrimination case with the San Antonio Express News picking up the story on page one of their business section. They asked me to help publicize the case. As a longtime PR and former Air Force supervisor, I am amazed at how businesses treat women differently than men. While in uniform, I had a basic set of rules:

1) I don't care what color, gender, faith or background you had before working with me;

2) As long as you do the job, I will always support you.

3) I will do everything I can to help you advance your career.

As someone who came on active duty when the Air Force opened their doors to non-traditional jobs, I know there were some growing pains with the military. Yet, today women in the military do everything but fly fighter jets, and truthfully women pilots are better "sticks" than their male counterparts.

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