Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get a second life at TASA

Had to admit that the presentation at today's TASA meeting about virtual life was one of the better I've seen. Aaron Delwiche, aka Carbonel Tigereye, one of the founders of Meta Versatility was one of the featured speakers on Second Life. According to Aaron, there are 7 million registered users to this software. I find it interesting that Laura Lorek, the technology writer at the Express News, has an avator like me in the program. Laura said before the lunch that she has a house close to a virtual museum who don't like her home next to their building. "I've gotten a couple of threatening emails from them," she said. Still, it's interesting to see that others are into the program. My son, Peter, has done some exploration for me, but I find the graphics a little clunky.

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