Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rooting for the other Matt Scherer to make the big team

One of the things that my dad, aka Bud or Bubba, liked to do while on family vacations was to go into our motel rooms and find people with our last name in the telephne book. So, now we have Google -- the replacement for those yellow pages. So it's late at night and I did that search with the terms "Matt Scherer and blog" when I find another Matt who is a pitching prospect for my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals According to some press reports, Matt is slated to pitch for the Redbirds AA franchise, the Springfield Redbirds, but here's hoping he makes it to help the Cardinals beat the Cubbies a bunch this year. When the Redbirds travel to San Antonio to face the Missions, I'll try to get some tickets and a picture with the guy who shares my name.

Note to all Cub fans: Is this your year or will the Cubbies wait until the 100th anniversary of their last World Series victory to win another one?

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