Friday, January 29, 2010

Congressman Gonzalez should call upon local security talent to protect his web site

When Representative Charlie Gonzalez' web site was hacked by the Red Eye Crew, his staff said that he would request help from his tech support team.

While that is a good idea, Congressman Gonzalez should turn to the leaders in infosecurity for help. As San Antonio is a well recognized center for cybersecurity, it would seem that his staff should be on the phone now to get their advice and help.

Knowing many of the leaders in this field, I am sure that they would gladly give the Congressman some excellent advice on how to prevent these hackers from issuing a F-bomb about President Obama.

With the Texas Lyceum set for next Friday, I am hoping that the experts in this program can talk about some of the methods and processes needed to prevent hackers from taking over a public web site. If I get to this conference, I am going to ask Howard Schmitt, our Cybarczar on what the "gov" can do to prevent these hacks.

Here's hoping that Congressman Gonzalez' legislative team meanwhile takes the time to reach out to people like John Dickson of the Denim Group and others like him to get their advice on how to protect his web site.

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