Thursday, July 24, 2008 moves to help others find jobs

Matt Genovese, the founder of, had a vision of connecting Austin techies with his web site. Today, there are over 2500 regular users of the web site. I liken Matt's effort to the classic children's tome "Stone Soup." Realizing he had an excellent pot of broth like the two soldiers in the story, he looked for ways to add more ingredients. Matt's first step was to add mixers which drew 300 or more people. At one event, the crowd at one venue filled the bar forcing the local fire marshall to limit participation. As befits Austin networking events, the group moved next door.

Matt's next event is a career fair that will link potential job seekers with employers Thursday, Aug. 7 at the Monarch Event Center, 6406 N IH-35 (Or the Lincoln Shopping Center). It's Matt's vision to have these ongoing job fairs to help connect the Austin tech work force with future jobs.

(Disclosure: I am the publicist for job fair.)

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